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Status based Iron sand Primary Weapon


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So, first time posting one of my ideas, and I hope for some honest feed back on it.

My idea is a six shot rifle that instead of doing actual damage with the shot you fire, the shot acts as a beacon for a blob of nanites to home in on. The actual damage comes from status mods placed on the Rifle, but are applied over time by the nanite blob. The rifle would be used as a weapon to aid melee users, or as a way to supplement status proc damage while trying to not make it a one hit KO weapon.

The rifles Slash, Impact and Piercing damage would need to be lower than most to hopefully balance what could be a serious amount of status damage.

So, in total, my idea is;

A six shot rifle with decent range. It should have very low Slash, Impact and Piercing damage. Its status chance should be somewhat higher than normal, but still not top status chance capable. The shots effects are 2 second delay as the nanite blob travels to the target. The target is NOT stuck in place. It could be able to slow their movement speed. The status effects are damage over duration, with the standard length being 3 seconds for an unleveled weapon. It is a fire and forget weapon, but only one nanite blob per enemy to insure no massive over status damaging. 

Tell me what you think!

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5 hours ago, Almighty_Jado said:

So kinda like a rifle version of the Mutalist Cernos. I like it!

Very similar. The main goal is to provide a more strategic primary weapon based around status procs, rather than a direct damage weapon. Is there any criticism you can provide for this idea? I'll admit that I'm unsure if there is already a weapon that does this exactly, show feel free to pick apart my idea in an effort to see if this would be a viable addition to a players arsenal. 

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Honestly my very first idea for this was a thrown kunai/grenade idea the was basically a handful of grey nanites. However I quickly realized it would be something that could be rapid stack damage. As I honestly didn't know if there is a way to stop secondary weapons from hitting already proced targets. With primary, I figure it would be something the dev's could enforce through firing mode, like it doesn't fire and makes a sound or light if you aimed at already hit targets.

The second was a primary weapon. A nano-thrower that applied stat procs. Problem was you could just hold it on an enemy and over-proc them. So then came this attempt.

And yes, I am aware of Naruto and the awesome that is the third kazekage. Screw sharigan, and all the others, I want to be a ninja magneto. That guy would have owned the naruto world.

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