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Longsword Improvement Suggestion: Blood Bar


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I believe I might have seen an idea similar to this some where, If there is then I apologize.


 As they are now longswords are somewhat balanced weapons. More in the sense that they are a middle ground between heavy and short melee weapons. They have moderate; attack power, range, and attack speed. But the problem with this is that they are not specialized enough to be viable in endgame content. Heavy weapons have the attack power to kill high level enemies in few hits using charge attacks. While the short weapons; Fangs/Fang prime have enough attack speed to continuously whittle down enemy health. One way for longswords to be viable is giving them their own specialization. Which brings me to the subject of this thread. The: Blood bar(tentative title), I'm sure someone can come up with a better name.

 The Blood bar is a system that allows a longsword to gain bonus effects by continuously attacking enemies. The bar would have three stages. After filling up the first section the bar would drop faster and be harder to fill to the second section with the effects becoming more severe after filling up the second section. After hitting the second/third stages you have a certain period of time for which you cannot lose the stage, even if you can't keep filling the bar. If the section is empty once you run out of guaranteed time you lose the stage. You cannot regain the guaranteed time until the bar completely empties: for balance reasons.

 The first stage for all longswords would be an increase in all base stats by a percentage, with certaint stats getting a bonus multiplier. Example: The Mire might get a 10% increase to all base stats except for attack speed which would get a 15% increase.

 The second stage would give a further bonus to stats based on the first stage multiplier. While also adding a new charge attack. For example; The Cronus charge attack might be a ranged wave attack, or the Mire could be an aoe tendril attack.

 Finally the third stage is another increase to stats; but also a new melee combo, weapon effects that replace elemental effects, and a more powerful version of the stage 2 charge attack. Building upon my stage two examples; The Cronus would have wind effects appearing on the blade-the normal attacks would shoot out wind shockwaves for added range-and the charge would be an aoe sonic boom having attack power comparable to an ultimate power: for balance reasons it would have 3 times the normal charge time-and would be unusable again for a period-indicated by an effect appearing on the weapon, While the mire would have spewing poison globs as effects-the melee combo would build up poison the more you attack a single enemy having it explode effecting others with a poison dot-The charge would be the same tendril attack: with a wider aoe-some tendrils will stay behind and grow poison glob akin to Saryns venom power-the same charge attack balance rules apply.

This system would be a fresh, and powerful way to bring longsword up to par with heavy weapons. Before you start discussing this please note. That my examples are just there to help visualize the abilities the blood bar could bring, they are not expectations of what they should be. Also I do understand that the scale of such a system would be deserving of it's own update, and that if they do consider this it will likely be months before we see it.

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why wouldn't all melee weapons have this?


that's all i have to say. 


if longswords have this, people will want it on all the other melee's too. 


i don't think this is the answer.



how unique a suggestion as it can be, it doesn't matter, that alone will blow everything up.

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 The reason why all melee weapons wouldn't have this is because it's supposed to bring longsword up to par with heavies. Heavies already have the raw power to take on high level enemies. Besides it would give people a reason to use longswords again. This system only bring longsword stats to be similar, if only maybe a little higher than the average heavy weapon. On the note of short weapons they just need their own abilities that make them special/powerful. Short weapons should be like the fang; weak, but fast attacking. Maybe have daggers with potent innate elemental dot's, to add to their dps. But I really don't know what to tell about people wanting it on all of their weapons. I mean if all weapons had it then it would be redundant. Heavies would still be OP, and longswords/short weapons would still be UP.

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that's exactly the point, people would want it on all of the melee's SO the same things would be just as OP compared to the others.

any 'fix' needs to be something players that use Heavy melee's and Quick Melee's could say 'nah, i don't need that'.

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I think this could be something interesting to effect all melee weapons. I think long swords should gain a buff in their own right. I'm really unsure as to how at the moment but a change like this would effectively outclass the other melee weapons. I think damage types could be a effective way of balancing long swords. No I don't mean, long swords armor ignore or that kinda crap.

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 What I'm trying to say is that the system won't outclass other weapon types. Stage two will essentially bring your longsword stats to be similar to the average heavy. Stage three will make the sword more powerfull than a heavy but would be hard to maintain. Maybe this will help visualize it. Let's use the Skana, and Scindo for this example, I hope my math is correct: I rounded the numbers.


 Skana/Scindo base stats

Base damage; 25/50

Charge damage; 75/200

Charge speed .7s


 Stat comparison after stage one bonus which=30%

Base damage; 32/50

Charge damage; 97/200

Charge speed; .7s


 After S2 bonus which=60% after previous bonus

Base damage; 47/50

Charge damage; 142/200

Charge speed; .7s


 After S3 Bonus which=120% after previous bonus

Base damage; 77/50

Charge damage; 292/200: Special charge attack modifier 200%

Charge speed; .21/.7s: Special charge attack modifier balance

Charge attack cooldown: .15/.0s


 S1/S2/S3 Properties

Hits required; 30/60/120: each hit requirement is separate from the previous.

Drain rate; 1/1.5/5 points per second.

Hold duration; S2-15/S3-10s


 The main point of this system is to rework long-swords. It's meant as a gimmick I guess. Other melee weapons should have their own gimmick rather than sharing this one. Like the glaive, It already has a cool gimmick: It's a melee weapon you throw. And the fang which has the fastest base attack speed of all melee weapons. But I digress. If they do use this system then the public will probably demand it for all melee weapons. But the trick is to give them different systems with different mechanics.

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