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Orb Vallis crashing after hotfix


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1 hour ago, xMunjeni said:

I seem to be consistently crashing every time I try ot go into Orb Vallis. Fortuna seems to be ok.


Edit: Seems to work on Solo mode. Crashes when trying to accept bounties, though.

I have tried jumping on the basic k drive that is summoned in orb vallis and it crashes the entire game closing it out and doing a bug report I do not know if it is the cause since I am not 100% exp in this department but I have noticed the same issue with bounties those are what I tested solo mode is fine for me though when I leave forutna and go into orb vallis I have only noticed the crashes so far when I summon k drive and do a bounty or atleast try and yes I have tweked with the settings to make sure I have no other idea if there are any further problems that is all that I exp so far also forgot to mention I have yet to build my first k drive and have ranked up twice in vent kids faction so I am not sure if the made boards are affected to

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