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Resizing A Clan Emblem.



So after about a month after creating my clan, I and my clanmates figured that it's time to make an emblem.

After about an hour, this is what I came up with: 


But after I downsampled it, it just created a giant mess. 


What I'm worried about is that the text on the emblem is completely unreadable and messy.


So I wanted to ask if there are any tips that I can apply to my emblem to make it look more smoothly

Since even tho, I was following @holyicon 's guide I still cannot make my image to look better.

Thanks in advice.

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Due to the image's exceptionally low resolution (really DE... 128x128 in 2018 is absurd), there is very little you can do to make that text legible.


If you want to do a better preview and not use DE's sorry excuse for one, then I suggest trying to find someone who has PhotoShop and have them run through the following:


- Open the final 128x128 .png within PhotoShop
- Give it a black background
- Save as a Dxt3 .DDS
- Open .DDS in Photoshop
- duplicate layer
- Set layer blending to Screen
- Give "Gaussian Blur" of 0.3px


From what I've seen, this gives the best approximation.

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Indeed, the downsampling has a crippling effect on your emblem.
It's a shame too, because it's a good emblem, with what looks like a lot of thought and care put into.

What I would suggest (and this is from a design point of view) is dropping the out ring of Corpus script and re-aligning the Lotus and Clan Name at 0-degrees.
This would allow for more detail to be preserved.

Then, for any case where you can use a full resolution version, such as a clan website or signature, the full version can be use.

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