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K-Drive Stuck Under Feet in PoE


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After a couple times of using the K-Drive Launcher in the Plains, it starts following under my character's feet whenever they touch the ground, though it will stay in place while jumping (then quickly move under their feet again).

With the board right there, the interact button becomes unusable. Revives will get stuck at 0%, but will not increase and pickups become simply impossible.

Resummoning the board or mounting it do not work either. Former case, I get a message saying "Invalid Launch Point", latter nothing happens.

Jumps become weird too, sometimes the second jump will go forward and not up much (kinda like when hitting a ceiling, I think).

I could honestly not decide whether it makes enemies just not attack/damage you or not, but it felt like I took way less damage after the glitch happened, but that could be a wrong observation.

Going to extraction will make the "waiting at the objective" message flash, though the countdown does seem to work at least. When extraction finally happens, your character gets launched as if they had been on the board (but you can still make it through the first set of doors).

Only fix besides extraction seems to be dying then using up a revive (never had a teammate help me out of bleedout with the bug so far).


I tried to get a screenshot by going in solo, but I couldn't get the bug to happen, so it may be latency/performance related (I did get laggy sessions and the extra enemies hurt my fps a bit).

I'm also unsure whether it happens right after a dismount or some other conditions trigger it, though I did switch from dismounting with X to E and both had the bug happen eventually.

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