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K-Drive 2.0


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K-Drive 2.0

The K-Drive has done a pretty fantastic job of reproducing the feel of the SSX games I used to play, but I hope it can be pushed a bit further and it is only in its beta stage.

Inevitably everyone will compare the K-Drive to Archwing. Why should they bother with K-Drive when Archwing allows them to fight enemies and fly to where they need to go faster?

Presently the only feasible way to gain standing with the Ventkids is to chain together a bunch of rail grinds separated by jump tricks.

This for me, leaves the K-Drive isolated to half an hour grind sessions.

While on Orb Vallis bounties a majority of Tenno will solely use their Archwings to get around.

I've seen a lot of posts about adding quality of life improvements to the K-Drive allowing the ability to use the mining laser or fishing spear while on it, but those seem to be realistically hindered by the control scheme.

While I assume things like enemy radar not functioning are simply just bugs.

Oddly enough the Archwing can use the tranquilizer gun but not the mining lazer or fishing spear.

Anyway, let's discuss the controls.

The tricks for the K-Drive require utilizing both mouse buttons and the quick melee keybind for conventional dismounting.

I think it's quite a reasonable decision for the K-Drives to focus on performing tricks extremely well.

But this obviously limits / prevents the use of primary, secondary and melee weapons while riding them.

So what can be done differently?


K-Drive Powers:
The Archwing has powers it can use. It would be great if we could modify / build K-Drives that have various powers that could help us combat enemies or provide some utility.

Combat Mods:
For some reason woefully inadequate mods for attacking / affecting enemies were introduced to the game.

In general their range is so small and their damage so low that they are not worth the mod slot.

The range of these mods should be increased at least 3 fold, the damage in some instances should probably be increased 10 fold.

Changing these mods to be a lot more amazing in terms of their damage output would be a quick fix and step in the right direction towards enemy combat on the K-Drive.

Sonic Boost

-I have yet to actually see this affect mobs I am standing right on top of. It also should have some damage incorporated into it.

Slay Board

-You need to be very precise to hit enemies with this. It would feel a lot better if it did an AOE explosion.

Thrash Landing

-The most reliable mod for doing damage, but it's not easy to build up a decent trick score, and the AOE is again very small and low damage.

Trail Blazer

-This actually affects enemies, but has incredibly low damage.

Kinetic Friction

-It's very unlikely you are going to have enemies conveniently by a rail that you can land on with this. It probably should be changed to be released on demand by performing some action.

K-Drive Trick Combat:
When travelling around Orb Vallis on my K-Drive I want to be gaining standing, to buy more cool stuff. (I own it all now though.)

If the trick multiplier was able to be maintained in another way than grinding rails it would be a lot more engaging.

I feel that the K-Drive should innately do damage to nearby enemies while doing tricks / ramming / jumping into them.

Additionally the trick multiplier could be changed to be similar to the melee combo counter, persisting for some time after your last enemy attack. Say 3-6 seconds or so.

Your attacks could then be combod into other tricks and rail grinds, thereby providing Tenno an amusing way to gain standing for the day. (In addition to the upcoming racing changes.)

Additionally mods could be created to increase the duration of the trick multiplier, etc.

K-Drive Speed:
Presently when fully modded and boosting the K-Drive is probably slightly faster than a majority of the Archwings boosting. (Itzal teleporting is obviously an exception.)

But due to having to traverse terrain, it could be argued that the K-Drive would greatly benefit from having a drastic speed increase or a long acceleration time to a max speed of 2x what it currently is.


Other Ideas:

K-Drive Weaponry:
I think a fairly big ask would be to have weapons that can be equipped to the K-Drive that would interact with the type of tricks that you were performing.

Grinding Tricks:
SSX did not have the ability to do super charged jumps. But it did have the ability to perform tricks while grinding rails.

The rails in Warframe are generally not long enough to perform these kind of tricks, so I can see why they would be passed on, but they are cool.

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