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We need 3 new configurations(D, E, F) for Appearance and may be Upgrades.


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Many Warframe have over 3 skins and if you want a 4th one means you're going to have to give up a slot for it or create a second said Warframe(this obviously put in DE's favor). Instead of losing profit, I don't mind paying a price to unlock another 3 new configurations per category(Warframe,  Operator, Weapon, Companion, Archwing).

Operator still suffers the same problem back when it only got 1 appearance to play with. You can't have a second operator so this helps players who have way too many armors/suits.


Now for upgrades, one might say it's a balance issue that you should utilize and maximize your build in 3 configurations. I get it. I don't mind not having more upgrade configurations but it would be a great addition, still.

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6 hours ago, AvPCelticPredator said:

Speak in your name, no offence, but I dont even use any two B and C.

What is the point adding more useless things for appearances?

Are u streamer and u wanna show all your suits and skins to your audiences, then u need 3 new configs!? :shocked:

Most of my Warframe have used all 3 slots from TennoGen and Deluxe skins. I have 6 operator armors and suits that I want to use without the need to remove one and add one then add color to them. Just because you don't use it others do. And no I'm not a streamer.

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6 hours ago, hellodownthere said:

Two words, server space. Don't think DE will waste server space on something most people won't use. 

Can't waste spaces if no one uses it 'cause you only have the configurations unlock after purchase just like Riven.

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5 minutes ago, AvPCelticPredator said:

If you're not a streamer, who are you going to show then that suits and colors?

Other players? Yourself? Idk, actually that means a lot for me for example. I need to see my frames in all their glory xD And yep, I look at other players frames in pug and relays a lot too :P

I don't suffer much about just 3 slots tho, I got multiple same frames (with multiple builds too, cause you know... polarities may differ!), but being able to buy some more appearance slots for specific frames for plat could be a nice addition x)

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You know, Guild Wars 1 did this thing with skills where they let you save builds in notepad form on your harddrive, which did mean you weren't able to access all your builds on other computers unless you copied the notepad file across, but it did mean you have your entire harddrive worth of space to fit more builds.

Maybe it's a security risk or would require a horrendous amount of programming to put in place, but the option seems kinda neat, to save customization to local disk, and just have like a confirmation/authentication process when you draw from harddrive.


Personally I've never really needed all these loadout slots for everything.

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