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Frost Harka Skin Bulges/Lumps


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I previously posted this in bugs, but I'm not sure how to contact a moderator to delete or move it, as I think this category is better suited. I doubt it's a bug, but it seems to be a bit wonky for sure.

Pretty much as the title says, here I'm going to be putting in pictures for the bulges on Frost's hip/bum area on his cloak. It seems almost like his legs are wider and thicker than his hips, causing for exagerated proportions in that region that look lumpy and odd. Don't get me wrong, I love this skin and have used it since it came out, also bought the bundle for two of my friends. But these bulges persisting is bothering me. It's on any animation set, it appears to just be a trait of the skin. Like I said, don't get me wrong I absolutely adore the skin, but I think it could just use a bit of tidying. Other skins seem to have a lot more attention to detail, and some have even been tweaked and fixed if there's something that needs to be looked at. I also think this needs to be looked at DE, as it isn't just an animation set thing, it's do with the actual skin itself. His cloth looks too good to be left lumpy and bulging in my opinion. 

This is a side view on my profile of the bulge. It is still quite exaggerated with an animation set in which Frost is standing straight up, in fact I've opted for more crouched animation sets to try and mitigate the look as much as possible.

Frontal view of the bulges. The bum area as well as Frost's right hip seem to look the worst, in regards to the bulge. The bulge happens to make his right hip look like an hour-glass figure, and his left hip less so, giving an un-even look when combined with the bulges in the rear. I also want to note it looks like the upper thigh is causing a fair bit of the lumps and bulges.

This is what I meant by the right hip having an hour-glass figure, and the left looking more normal. While the left still does have a slight bulge, indicated by the cursor, it seems from the upper thigh, it still looks marginally better than the right hip I find. 

These pictures accurately portray some visual issues regarding the Harka skin for Frost, my personal favourite out of the deluxe skins. Sorry if there's another way to get pictures posted in here, this was the only way I could find to get them on here. Is there any chance that we can get this skin cleaned up a little bit? Thanks DE!

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17 hours ago, NightmareT12 said:

These are the cloth physics, which are configured to avoid clipping by having a margin of space. The only issue is it's really, REALLY hard to set them properly.

Yeah it's a really delicate and complex process. I just figured I should post about it, seeing as how other skins have been cleaned up over the years. I think it's time Frosty gets rid of those ol' Granny hips lol.

And again, no offence meant, if my profile pic didn't betray what my fav skin is, then I'm not trying hard enough.

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