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stuck on k-drive (frame dissapeared)


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was doing the hardest mission in fortuna, right after i inspected corpses i rushed onto my k-drive with loki to go to the next objective. my loki dissapeared, i was controlling the k-drive, and i was untargetable. but also unable to get off by pressing x, couldnt open the Q menu, /unstuck did nothing but place the k-drive in the open a bit more. had to abandon the mission cuz of this bug/glitch, whatever you want to call it. 

getting a bit tired of the bugs that are around all over the place. sometimes they are funny, but they also get really REALLY frustrating. especially when you find a bug, google it, only to find out its been around for years and D.E. never fixed it. If bugs like this dont get fixed at least give the players who fall victim to them some sort of compensation. (a credit booster, some standing points, hell i think most players would even be happy with 5x clem clone.)



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