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Conservation tags not being awarded correctly


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I believe the Smeeta Kavat charm buffs may be interfering with the player being awarded the correct number of tags from conservation hunts.

I received a 12 hour resource booster for my login reward. Did conservation for a couple hours to build a floof collection. The mission reward screen showed that the tag drops were doubled, but after visiting The Business to trade tags, I noticed that I had far less tags than I expected.

I then decided to test if it was just the resource booster not working, before making a bug report. Collected 3 delicate pobbers while under the influence of smeeta kavat's resource/affinity doubling charm buff, and the resource booster. The mission extraction screen showed that I had acquired 12 tags. I checked my inventory and had been awarded 4 tags.




I then tried again with no kavat (or any companion). Captured 3 delicate pobbers. The mission reward screen said I had acquired 6 tags. I checked my inventory and had received 6 tags.



I tested again with no kavat. Received the expected number of tags (6 for 3 captures). Then tested again with the kavat and received 6 tags for 3 captures. However the kavat did not use any charm buff during this test.

I then tested again with the smeeta kavat, and waited for it to cast a buff from charm before calling/capturing the pobbers. The kavat cast the 30s duration critical chance increase buff. I then captured the pobbers and returned to town. Extraction screen showed 6 collected sunny pobber tags. Only 2 had been added to my inventory.

All pobbers (in all of these tests and during my farming before I found something was wrong) were collected rapidly, after being put to sleep by Ivara's sleep arrow. All pobbers were considered perfect captures.

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