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Game freezes and becomes unresponsive then lose sound for all other apps/games


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Game runs fine right up til it crashes. I was in Cetus, just returned from the Plains and tried to return to my Orbiter when the screen went black, still showed the cursor (which couldn't move) and the little tabs usually seen on the bottom left for the chat, which couldn't open. I opened the Task Manager to escape the game and in there it said that the game was not functioning.
Another time, I was just exiting the Armory in my Orbiter and it froze up. Yet another was during a mission. If I ALT-TAB out of the game and try to get back in, it happens.

I have noticed that when this happens, I lose audio afterwards (like i can't hear others on Discord and they can't hear me) and videos won't play (like on youtube or reddit).

I optimized the other day, still crashed several times. Checked drivers, had like 4 that needed update, but none should impact the game. Checked defrag and it was only 9% so i took care of it and still had the issue. The only temporary fix is to completely turn off and restart the pc.

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