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Ideas for planets


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So, I thought about this: Warframe really does have a bunch of good tilesets, but this will make it way better:

We have moons with unique tilesets. And have more moons such as Ganymede, Io, Titan, and Enceladus. These can have their own unique tilesets but just slightly different like re-skinning existing tilesets. 
Also Saturn should get a unique tileset with a more wispy atmosphere than Jupiter.
Sedna should get a tileset too. It's one of the reddest planets in the solar system so it will be red obviously. And it should be freaking cold and dark because the orbit is so far away. Like the sun would just look like an extremely bright star from here.
And I was on a mission on Mars and I saw Jupiter in the sky. Really DE? 
yeah, maybe include those in a future update.

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