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Unstable fps, K-drive inconsistencies, etc


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Aight... I've soldiered though the bugs from fortuna update for a week now and for the most part I can go through with it.


But the last update made the game severely unstable....

  • Fps drp at random intervals, not exclusive to fortuna; even normal starchart mission had my fps tanked down to 20 fps whereas it was fine before at 65+ fps stable no matter how hectic the scene is.
  • K-drive is now odd; perfectly landing still on a spot sometimes crosses the trick points out in red as if I failed the landing for no reason moreso than previous updates.
  • Mining spots spawning in odd spots; with hlf o the "sweet spots" being sunk in the ground/ other rock formation, or even out of reach spots.
  • Crashing on Cetus and Fortuna gate at random intervals whereas it was never an issue before for me personally.

Whatever's done in the latest hotfix, please do review them.

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