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Scan Lifeforms stop spawn calling point


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I sold "echo lures" without Kuburodon's one.
normaly done one conservation then spawn new calling point.
but Oxylus is equiping "Scan lifeform" wouln't spawn new one.
done all conservations after new game include join game has no calling point.
most badly things is way to solve  for this issue need to reboot client.
leave and join to Orb vallis is not enough.so "Scan lifeform" has script error.
sorry for my english skill.

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I think I'm having the same problem. After I equipped Oxylus with its precept mods, Kubrodon and Bolarola spawn points completely stopped showing up. I have gone back to fortuna and out and it still does not solve the problem.


I switched back to helios and went back to orb vallis. This time Kubrodon and Virmink spawn points stopped showing.


Then I closed the game and restarted it (still with helios equipped), went back to orb vallis and the spawns were back to normal

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