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Mining veins not showing


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This happened about a week or so ago but i haven't had the time to post this problem.

The only way i can get veins to show is by entering operator mode and exiting it; as you can imagine, this problem also persists in tandem with the sunpoint drill or cutters selected and the minimap will not show any veins until i enter operator mode and exit.

The veins disappearing sometimes happen after combat but i've noticed that archwing travelling from cave to cave will almost certainly re-create this problem.

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Bumping and adding a new problem concerning this issue.

I was in PoE mining and i went into a cave and the veins were showing, so i mined. As i ventured further in, i noticed that there were no veins where they commonly spawn and found that very odd. I had to operator in and out, only then did they start to show again.

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