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Undetectable by enemy AI and doors, Unable to interact with non-destructible environment


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I believe the Tileset was Venus or Mercury. It was a 11-13 Alert against Grineer, but I wasn't paying attention beyond that.I apologize for the lack of details, this will be my first time reporting on a bug. I searched and did not find anything else that seemed similar. 

Bug summary:

I was undetectable by enemies and doors; I could not interact with the environment, aside from breaking things, shooting, and picking up dropped items. I noticed my Sentinel shooting at things a few times, and due to it using the Atrax, I could trace it through walls. I could not tell where it was shooting exactly, because I could not actually open doors. It seemed my teammates couldn't see me either, but were able to see messages in text chat


I launched Warframe and put up my leveling-kit for a low-level Survival alert, first-thing as I started the game. I joined, drifted during loading, nothing of interest happened. I tried to open two storage lockers, and it did not seem to register my inputs (Pressing X did nothing, the dialog box opened for it and did not disappear until I left proximity). I walked up to the starting door and could not open it. I followed a teammate out. I played normally, attacking enemies and whatnot, until I realize I hadn't been shot at yet. I stopped shooting and walked up to enemies, waiting for attacks. They did not. I began waiting at doors for enemies to come through, allowing me to pass while they opened. I did not get stuck in the doorway. I saw multiple enemies spawn-in while I was further away from my teammates. Occasionally my Sentinel fired at something and I noticed the beam passing through walls and floors. I tried switching weapons, scanning objects, and trying to follow enemies and teammates through doors. Eventually, the teammates completed the mission, started the extraction timer, and waited it out.

I apologize for lacking information. All I have is a screenshot of me standing in front of a door, but I don't see how to post it to the thread

Please let me know if I can provide any other information.

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