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So we know the origins of the warframes we have now but what if we made our own?


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Now correct me if im wrong but as far as i know, most (excluding revenant cause hes a eidolon lake warframe? Havent done the quest quite yet, let me know if i am wrong on that) if not all warframes were made by the orokin, but what if we found a device like the vitruvian in the sacrifice that contains the different processes involved in making a new warframe, and we use this to make a warframe that is made more for demolishing sentients (imo umbra doesnt fit that role, hes more the new players excal prime) for the upcoming war ballas talked about in chimera? Maybe a warframe based around the concept of the paracesis, where it can go past lvl 30 with 4 or 5 forma. It would be interesting to see, and would be especially useful with the upcoming war. Thoughts peoples?

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