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Nikana Dax Skin, still no Trail FX


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So I made a post about a month or two ago about how the Nikana Dax Skin has no trail fx on the blade. Still nothing has come of it.

Unfortunately it's not a matter of what color the energy is (as I use a bright orange/gold for all my energy) the trail fx are missing entirely, save the beam of light coming from the hilt when channeling.

(Side note: The same problem also came about when purchasing the Nikana Day of the Dead skin, no trail fx at all)

 While I adore this skin and want to use it as my main skin for my Skiajati, hence why I paid 35 plat in the first place, it just doesn't feel complete without the trail.

If this could be fixed in a later hotfix or something I'd absolutely appreciate it.


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