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So I've been reading a lot about the possibility of adding a player run market to the game. What I've picked up form the discussion is the following:

- A Player Market would probably be abused, as the economics would be screwed up

- It takes away the enjoyment of playing for rewards if you can buy stuff with credits (platinum is still ok to some extent)


As a way to nerf the marketplace idea, couldn't they make it clan exclusive? A large room which will cost a fair amount of resources to build, where any player blonging to the clan can post objects to sell (credits only/trade). Also, to regulate the economy, all items would have a max price, regulated by DE, or their availability (common mods, for example, would never cost more than, say 1000 credits, while uncommon would be between 1000-10,000, and rare 10.00-20.000 credits). Anyway, this would make each clan have their own exclusive market, and would also keep the gains within the clan itself, creating an incentive for players to sell their stuff to others, even for small gains, as it will benefit the clan as a whole.


Also, I want more rooms in the dojo :)

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