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Nezha Fire Walker trail...


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Nezhas fire walker trail is bugged, when i solo a mission its thinner and when I teleport using bazing chakram while fire walker is active, it doesn't produce a big ring of fire at the point were I teleport to., and the pyroclastic augment effect does not work

when i go into a mission as a client tho its seems ok, except the pyroclastic augment still doesnt show

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Same here, there is only a line of light, no fire, but it also affect gameplay.
- The trail is broken
- The ring of fire is inexistant
- The fire from the augment (Pyroclastic flow) is completely invisible.

It is not only an art problem, the ring of fire and Pyroclastic Flow doesn't have visual countdown and not seeing them makes it impossible to use correctly. I have a lot of fun playing this augment on high level mission and making the world burn, but not knowing what I am doing anymore is just breaking the fun.

I have tried changing skins; energy color; augments with no effects.

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