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Arbitrations and Pets


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Just a bit of feedback regarding the Arbitration mission mode and pets (kubrows and kavats).


In Arbies, if your pet dies... it's dead. There is no chance to revive. Though this sucks (you can't really tell the pet ai to get out of toxin clouds or don't be in front of a Toxic Ancient), I understand why it happens. The whole mode revolves around one chance.


The problem is when you then figure in the mechanics of the pets themselves. Daily, their DNA and their Happiness degrade. Easy enough to take care of, it's a couple thousand for DNa stabilizers and you just need to pet your pet about once a day and you're golden.


However... when a pet dies completely in a mission, they lose about 40% happiness. So, time to pet the good boys and girls. But they will lose this 40% happiness every single time they die. If you like playing Arbitration (or any other gamemode and by some unlucky chance you can't save your pet), that's a lot of deaths and lot of pet time (which you can only do 3 times a day to increase happiness).


Yeah, you can put on mods to help try to keep your little buddy alive (I like my link health/armor and the medi-pet kit as well as Hunter Recovery. I'd normally use Pack Leader too, but now we're getting into the problem of too many mod choices and too little room, and I like using some of the new mods), but this isn't enough sometimes. Unless, of course, you're a 7k+ HP Inaros with some nice damage spread like Ignis). But, this isn't really my point.


My point is I think this needs to be changed. As much as I'd love to see the pet system entirely reworked, it doesn't seem to be on the developer's radar at this time. But I think the pet death in Arbitrations needs to be looked at, especially since (as far as I know) sentinels still get use of their regen mods to pop back alive once or more.

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