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Nekros' shadows dont follow you in Kuva Survival (and other mission related bugs)


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I've been farming Kuva for awhile now and I've noticed that the kuva survival mission has alot of issues of late. TL;DR version is Nekros shadows don't follow through tilesets, map markers dont work, sentinel kills don't give you shadows and kuva catalysts don't spawn.

Firstly, I've noticed that alot of the times when you call in your shadows as Nekros to defend the kuva harvester, occasionally when you transition to another tileset and summon them again they never teleport to you. Their health gets reset but thats it. So you have run back to where you left them to then have them teleport to where you want them to be. This seems to be common especially when I recast the ability and then immediately move to another part of the map. Other times (especially when they decide to use rampart turrets) they dont move at all. They sit on the turrets permanently, unless you go behind them and melee them to force them off the thing (and proceed to destroy it or else they'll get back on it) then you run back to where you were to summon them again, or just let them all die and recast the ability. Having to do this everytime you do the mission gets old really fast.

Secondly, Im not sure if this is intentional or not but if a sentinel kills an enemy with its weapon and you desecrate them, the enemy cannot be summoned as a shadow at all. YOU have to kill them yourself.

Lastly, I'll mention 2 bugs here as they're kinda related in a way. Very frequently when another life support capsule is about to appear on different part of the map, the game doesn't tell you where it'll be, forcing you to wait until it finally arrives. This is an issue that links with the 1st bug mentioned above, especially since when the enemies are higher level you dont want to be outnumbered, so you recast shadows to cause a distraction while you wait to move on. Previously, you could work around the missing marker by leaving the area and going in the general direction of where it would spawn and the marker would reappear. However, with the Fortuna update things got worse and led to a second bug as well. Now, not only can you not see where the capsule will spawn but the extraction marker completely vanishes as well. Plus, when you start the mission, enemies with kuva catalysts dont spawn where the life support is but on the opposite end of where you start, other times not appearing on the map at all and having to wait for a 2nd one to spawn in that area to hopefully desecrate it and get a spare one.

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