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Fish Troubles


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I couldn't find a better subforum to put this in, so do tell me if it's misplaced.

I just recently experienced a host migration while fishing in the Orb Vallis (nothing special), and then when I went to catch a few more brickies, they didn't count. Was having trouble hitting them on account of the damn things somehow knowing where I'm aiming before I throw the spear, so I only caught a couple, but then when I checked my mission progress, I didn't have more brickies. Whole list, not one more bricky. Went back to Fortuna, nothing more than what I caught before it. Even stranger, when I went to buy a few brickies from someone on account of not wanting to wait for next warm cycle, they vanished. I lost my platinum, but I didn't gain the 5 brickies I was trading for. Relogged, they didn't appear. Traded again for them, and this time it worked.

I don't know what caused this, I genuinely can't figure it out, but this is what I know.

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