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[Warframe Concept] Yade the summoner


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Hello everybody!

This is my second warframe concept, I know the first one wasn't that good and maybe this isn't better but I had them in my mind so I thought I post them, every feedback is much appriciated


health: 320 at rank 30

shield: 300 at rank 30

armor: 150

energy: 225 at rank 30

polarities: Vazarin, Naramon

aura polarity: Naramon

passive: If there are more robotics present(sentinels or pet moas) she will get a 10% efficiency boost but if there are more animals(kubrows or kavats) present she will gain 10% strengths boost

1st: The wise helper

She will summon a Chinese dragon above all allies healing them with 10% of their max health for 10 seconds(strengths and duration mods are effective)

If an ally would die while the wise helper is active, the creature will sacrifice himself making the ally invulnerable for 3 second but they cannot recive its blessing for another 80 second

2nd: The trickster

She will summon little demon like creatures who applies various debuffs depending on the enemy faction within 20 meters of its master

against grineer: removes 20% of their armor permanently

against corpus: removes their shield and prevents it from recharging for 5second

against infested: slows them down with 30% of thier speed for 10second

against the corrupted: reduce their damage input by 10% for 5 second

3rd: The angered one

She will summon an europian dragon above all allies giving them 40% damage boost for 10 second(only durration mods effect this ability)

4th: The last call

She will summon an eldrich god above her who will unleash his miasma of death and disease in 20 meter radius dealing viral and toxin damage for 10 second, she is invulnerable while the god is present and cannot move(strenght and durration mods are effective)


The angered one augment: The dragon now will be summoned as a sentinel like companion using the sentinel mods you are using, if you not using a sentinel while this mod is equipped it will uses the last used sentinel configuration

The last call augment: Yade can move at 50% of her speed, keeps the invulnerable state but the radius is reduced to 10 meters and now it will takes 7energy/sec

The trickster augment: Now she will summon one bigger creature who stuns enemies in 10 meter radius of its master for 3 seconds



At the new void map(pls check My other warframe concept quest part to understand what im reffering to) suddenly you start seeing strange creatures, Ordis says he thinks he remember them, if you haven’t already found all the cephalon fragments he will ask you to find the remaining ones, when you saw an other one ordis will ask you to follow it, it will lead you to a strange room where you see unused warframe parts on the floor, ordis ask you to scan them, after you scanned them all all of the hidden messages from cephalon fragments will be played, after that ordis says he know what those creatures are you followed here, the orokin who gaved the missions to Ordan Karris drawed those things and ordis will lead you to his bunker, in ceres. You will find a cave there, where you find a yade specter(lvl 60) after you kill it you recive her chassis bp, and suddenly a wall goes up and you find a room where that orokin did his work, you find 2 more cave locations inside, you investigate both(all 3 works the same but higher level, the next one lvl80, and a 3rd is lvl100, and each one drops an other bp of hers) in the 3rd one you find one last location wich lead you to saturn where you find the real bunker of the orokin and the main bp for Yade. After the quest ordis says this warframe made completely by that orokin but poor ordis dont remember his name.

After you build and level up Yade ordis will send you a message with Ordan Karris “Scarlet Sword” bp, with the message “I have enough memori of my past self to make this gift for you operator, I’m happy I can have you.”


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I like the first and the second ability. However the 2nd ability seems super strong. So strong that it can easily take the position of a third or even fourth ability. The fourth seems like a very straight copy from Revenant four and the third is also a little bit on the lazy side. Perhaps you could come up with another idea for those two

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I have put a little nerf on the 1st and changed the numbers on 2, buffed a little bit on 3, and changed the damage type of 4, and added one more augment

Yes i can see why you tellling me her 4 is similar revenanats but since revenanat can move but yade can't and she gains immortalaty, and even revenant need to spin to deal damage in all directions, but yade is dealing damage in a globe like area like its 20 meter in all 4 direction and upward, and revenants is toggle abiity so he can stop if he want but yade's is a durration abilily(without the augment) and can not leave freely, so I see its familiar but different enough for me, and its mostly for the looks 😄 

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