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1508585 - Orb Vallis. Several small bugs


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Ticket #1508585

Orb Vallis

With the weather being perfect to fish, I went out to catch some at the orokin dig site.

A submerged orb greets me, peeking my interest.
So I try to discover wether I can interract with it.
And while scanning reveals nothing, the orb seems to receive damage when I launch an antimatter orb through it with Nova.



The scan also revealed another bug.
As seen in the screenshots (metadata added in ticket), I have an event emblem at my right shoulder.
When scanning, the insides of it (3 white lines) are visible through the scanner visor.




Then there is the fish itself, who appear beneath the earth instead of in the pond.



I do seem to get a noise bug lately.
This one triggers upon leaving the combat zone to return to my orbiter.
Usually brief, this one lasts for the entire duration of the elevator ride towards Fortuna.
This goes in the form of an extremely loud, gibbering and distorted noise.
Quite the murder on the ears, that one.

Can not add pictures on forum yet, as Imgur refuses to load.

Imgur working again - Pictures added.

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Imgur working again - pictures added
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