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Rescue mission bug


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Many people have encounter this bug without understanding what was causing this. As you can see here : 

Let me explain this, DE should fix this problem easily as it looks a simple coding error.

Once you finish the rescue mission (bounty step), the timer before failing freeze and once you get another rescue mission, the same timer is used. You guessed it, once you've done enough rescue steps, the timer end before you can do anything...

In exemple :

  1. 1st rescue mission start : 8min
  2. 1st rescue mission end : 6min30
  3. 2nd rescue mission start : 6min30
  4. 2nd rescue mission end 4min30
  5. 3th rescue mission start 4min30
  6. 3th rescue mission end : 3min
  7. XX rescue mission start : 30s
  8. XX rescue mission fails
  9. XX+1 rescue mission : insta fail


It can prevent getting the 6 bounties in 1 hour as you can get many rescue mission in one session of orb vallis (Starting again an instance of Orb Vallis reset both the rescue timer AND the achievement count)

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