Please stall Fortuna progress until consoles are supported

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13 hours ago, SqualZell said:

it's not only hardware, it's operating system, drivers. It's the same difficulty to porting a game to MacOS for example. the program code needs to be changed since the architecture of the playstation xbox nintendo whatever is not the same as PC windows or even Linux. It's not just a case of copy paste. downgrading graphics is the easy par

Yes, but that's low level stuff. Once you have, say, a Switch port of the core engine, content just runs on it. Warframe has a lot of content, but most of it isn't the sort of stuff that's running on the bare metal of the OS (they've made crazy work for themselves if it is).

You can see this in how releases usually work: average is about 2 weeks, with maybe 1/3 of that being "cert". They aren't rewriting great chunks of code or waiting on PC users to test if for them - that's just enough time for merge+build+QA.

Fortuna is delayed because it's not just content - it's a new, larger, open world area. That's the kind of thing that needs rendering engine changes.

13 hours ago, SqualZell said:

in the end its all about timing and money (I think patching the consoles version costs money too, someone correct me if I'm wrong on this)

Yeah, each port they maintain has significant additional cost. That's made worse by each one being an island in the user base. There will be some minimum user cap that if any one console drops below it will be unfeasible to maintain. We'll likely see that with the next generation consoles - how long after the PS5 comes out do they drop support for the PS4? 

I still think they need console multiplatform before then.

In any case, my original point is really about story. We're all one community online, so while new features coming out staggered is fine, big story beats should be held back until we can do them together.

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On 2018-11-24 at 12:56 PM, (XB1)KayAitch said:

PC has had Fortuna for a couple of weeks. They've maxed out standing, built all the kitguns, etc.

If it's any consolation to you ,me and many more others can't even login normally for over 15 days now.After Fortuna went live DE upgraded their servers with some kind of "hi-tech,NSA,CIA,DEFCON4" protection that is banning certain ip addresses for reasons that are unknown because support is second guessing all the time and DE is not saying anything officialy.Only fact is that our ip is banned.

I guess that server protection technology is so advanced and hush-hush because no other developer and other online game have it(sarcasm ofc)

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