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No redirection from Warframe.Com to Switch login for migration


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I know this probably isn't where it belongs, but I looked in the Switch forums thinking I should put it in bug reports, but it wouldn't let me post because my account isn't technically real. 

So yeah, I was trying to migrate my account using my tablet since I just got a Switch as a gift from relatives. Problem is, after entering my PC password in the "migrate to Switch" page, I didn't get redirected to a Nintendo login site. I'm assuming this is because I'm on tablet, but now that prompt is gone in my account settings, so I can't do it anymore. 

Anyone else have this problem, or better yet, a fix to it?


EDIT: I just logged into the Switch and completed the tutorial thinking I might as well use the gift, but after completing the tutorial and spawning in the ship, I was looking at my Volt Prime with my Thor fashion (without the Cape for some reason). So... maybe I didn't need to log into Nintendo?

EDIT: I still can't post on the Switch forums. 

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