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More interchangable precepts


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Reasons to implement more universal precepts mod:


a. To give them more variation and build


b. Allow more crowd control mods on any sentinel and moa


c. Improve survivability


New universal precepts/mods :


Health/armor/shield link based mods for sentinels


Health/armor/shield base increased mods for moas


Barrage - Launches up to five homing missiles that procs blast status and deal 500 damage max.


Electro Push - Create 20 meters of electric procs around the sentinel/moas up to 5 seconds.


Energize - sentinel/moa consume 20% max of its health to give 100 energy whenever warframe has 50% less energy. Cooldown 30 seconds.


Immortality - When sentinel shield is depleted, it gains invulnerability for 3 seconds, 30 seconds cooldown.


Death Ray - Every 30 seconds, sentinel/moas will launch laser at single target for 1000 blast damage per second up to 3 seconds that scales with the warframe current stats.


Nullify - Grows protective barrier against projectile and hitscan damage up to 1000 damage. Protective barrier last until destroyed and has cooldown of 20 seconds.


Overheat (rework) - Every 30 seconds, sentinel weapons goes overheat mode that improves damage stats up to 500% and last 10 seconds.


Self Sacrifice (rework) - Revives warframe and consume 90% of the sentinel health. Health penalty last for 30 seconds.


Overclock - Moas gain high jump and force teleport when player is farther than 10 meters.


Death Mark - Enemies around the sentinel/moa within the 15meter gain mark for death, killing the target will gain energy and increase efficiency by 20% (do not stack).



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