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Letting players select the level and by proxy cost of their mods after they are fully leveled.


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I'm 1000% sure that this has been suggested ad nauseam but it's become of particular interest because of set mods and specifically because of Umbral set mods. 

Before it was a lot easier to just write it off as "get another copy of the mod and don't fully level it". With the introduction of set mods where the set bonus is now a consideration in addition to the potential contribution to your build of the actual mod. However even there "get another copy of the mod and don't fully level it" is still a valid course of action. 

Then you have Umbral mods, mods that we can't get another set of so there is no way to have multiple tiers of said mod and they have a set bonus that can create a situation where it is prefferable to burn a mod slot on an unleveled Umbral mod to boost the two other Umbral Mods that you actually want the stats out of.


I've never had a problem with the notion of getting duplicates of the corrupted mods but between Mods that can't be reacquired in the game that you are likely going to want at full power for one thing or another. Coupled with the set bonuses from set mods being something that could be desirable on their own. It seems like it's time to re-evaluate why we can't toggle down the level of our fully mods to dial in the power/cost for our respective builds.

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