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Companion/Weapon Names



I've seen a lot of people who have profanity and slurs in their custom pet/weapon names, I don't really understand how they do it or if it's an exploit with certain symbols/characters, or it's just an old name created in the past or something I wouldn't know.

Wouldn't a thing like this against something? The game currently doesn't let you put so many words or parts of words in your custom names (which is extremely annoying when some words/parts have nothing wrong with them and you get cblocked from using the name you want) for weapons/companions so people that have somehow managed to do so, can something happen to them?

There's nowhere in-game or on zendesk you can report this sort of stuff though, not like much of anything bothers me but I'm curious if there's any way to report this?

maybe i jus wanna do it to do it lole

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