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Resource Hovercraft Bug (K-drive Bug)


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Cetus : Plains of Eidolon bug -

When gathering resources, the minimap does not show resources and "containers" while on the K-Drive. 

Also when collecting resources me and a friend did a test. While on his K-Drive it did not collect the resources and give them to him at the end game, but they disappear in the open world. (as if collected). At the "end of match progress" it shows he only completed a collection of 1 (or however many he picked up while off his K-Drive). Meaning to get collection completion on any resources that I opened, he would have to step off his K-Drive and collect it in order for it to process to the completion screen. ALSO it's even harder to find this while on a K-Drive since my resource tracker doesn't show resources on my minimap while ON the K-Drive.

Weird stuff. Though using the K-Drive is typically faster collecting and traveling, we have to continue on foot when we find spawn areas that are generally 100-500+ meters around. I looted it while off my K-drive and got a total of 20 resources collected. This occurs with all resources. 

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