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Drive K-Drive without frame


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I wanted to share and spread my insanity, but I am too old for this sh... (TLDR: to fail Orb Vallis bounty twice in a row, because of someone else fault.. what can I say?😭). To the point:

I was able to control and drive K-Drive without frame.

All started by deploying K-Drive when I was finishing inspection of a body (bounty mission). Around 2:40 you can see my frame standing in the air next to the body.




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Was about to report that my impatience has led me to find this bug too.

I got out the first time when enemies shot at my warframe draining the shields and health from my k drive, sending me back to my frame.

Tried it again to see if it's reproducible and my frame sank into the ground, preventing the enemies from shooting at the frame.. This led to me permanently being stuck "as" my k drive.


Maybe disable the gear wheel during the "investigate the dead bodys" dialog or disable the K drive launcher?

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