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What do we need next? (lore, game mechanics, ideas..)


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So, first of all, hello!  I havn't checked if there was any posts talking about this knd of things, so don't blame me to hard🙂  , i wanted to talk about what way the game could go in the future years, not about endgame things or wathever people are complaning about, but about the big things, for exemple new open worlds, quests, lore etc...

i want to share my thoughs on a new open world, railjack, the new war, and see how DE can make use of those things in order to provide great content and satisfaction for every players of this amazing comunity.


1) open world?

So, after fortuna, everyone is saying it will be some infestation themed open world, the thing is that the lore of the infested is already well established, with a lot of content about the technocyte virus, helminth, the sacrifice quest that helped a lot to undersatnd some things, the helminth chair and the derelict assasinate boss already provide important infos that can validate or unvalidate most of the theories regarding how the infested work and how the warframes are made. and who likes infested? do you know anybody that found "cool" for exemple the fact that there was infested invasions on mars in the inaros quest, that all the infested ships are fun? and i can't imagine a infested based openworld that would be fun to play, i am open to any content ideas that could make a such world interesting but can not find any that surpasses fortuna for exemple. So what i mean is that instead of revisiting the old classics, we could get a new open wolrd kinda thing based on sentients!

after the new war, we could be in two different positions: either we fighted lotus mother, or killed her , and our beloved system is attacked by all the sentients (including the great mothers and hunhow of course)  either we take back lotus and fight a lil bit, in any case, either DE make a great freaking space battle, explosions everywhere, epic void magic scenes, operator going crazy to fight sentients, new weapons, new game mods, either we just get lotus back or kill ballas in a 10minutes quest.By the way my dream quest would be a new area of the system were we fight with corpuses (as grineers are a bit dumb and not enough develloped to fight sentients) sentients in squads of 10-20 players, with advanced war technics, important tactical manuvers were we have to  "push to keep the dark from coming" (keep the sentients to enter the systems, maybe we could use the neural centry on lua to create a big barrier all around the system, exept in one place for a reason or an other, of course baro couldn't come ^^) and we would have to use umbra frames (that would be previously unveiled by searching blueprints in the lua data base, having maybe interactions with the lua ghosts (that are, for me, souls/memories of orokins that havn't been placed in a new body, this database alos contains excal umbra's soul/memories and we accessed it by using transference on umbra, cuz the transference is praticly the same tech used by the orokins in lua) and we would use those umbra frames made by the orokins at the beggening of the old war (before orokins were using tennos) are made TO fight the sentients (umbra's bonus abilities, umbral mods etc...) i was also thinking of another openworld in the case we find out that there are "good" sentients that didn' take parts in any war and that would be ennemies to hunhow or the great sentient mothers, in this case the open world is located mostly in space with lil asteroids that contains sentients colonies, cuz we know that before the sentients could reproduce, they have evoluted in order to do war against the orokins, so it is very likely possible that those pacific sentients have completly different bodies or way of live, we could move around in the hidden space with the railjack orbiter or in archwing, and we would get bounties to help those sentient and protect them from other evil sentients (like hunhow that even describes himself as "destroyer of worlds") this kind of open world is 100% compatible with my previous idea, those good sentients could even help us protecting the systems by using some of there tech to force bad sentients to come in person and not using there biggest troups, cuz i guess because sentient are basically made to eat a whole system, they have some very big ships that tennos couldnt fight even by using the railjack orbiter's canon. i have lots of concepts for those two open worlds.


2) what about the lore?

with the new war comming next year, we could need some new explanations about what really happened in the old war, with for exemple the reasons why sentient came back after the orokins, maybe even adding a new factions of aliens to the game coming from the system were sentients were first sent by the orokin a long time ago, this faction could be in relation with the void, all this could provide new infos about tha man in the wall, making link between this new faction and the tennos, maybe even discover that this faction is a prequel to the orokin, we know void gates can trasport trough space, but also time! so we could  discover the real origin of the orokin  by going in the past and finding out that the orokin and the new alien faction were one day one single race.

yea, all this is slowly begening to feel like a doctor who episode, but wait, there is more! this idea ^  could come in 5 years maybe, this game has so much potential lore wise we could make more comics and books than the marvel multivers, lord of the rings, and harry potter combined....if the comunity is strong enough to support the devs, i think we can make warframe the best game ever made, we could even add some treasor hunting, princess saving in the sentient open world, the power is ours, the only requierments is time (and eventually a better gpu...)


much love, may the void be with us!

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à l’instant, krodha36 a dit :

Improvement of content that is already in-game that really needs it. A few reworks. In general, fix/better what we already have. I dunno about everyone else but i think new game content can wait for a while. 

yes of course, DE need to solidify the base game first, the first part of this could come in 2-3 years

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