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Some of significant color/texture bugs on weapons, abilities, prime armor


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1. Astilla's bullet texture is broken.



2. Some of weapons show the default effect color regardless of customizing. Even there are the cases that their bullets don't follow the customization.



3. Flame weapons(?) show the mixed flame color with custom and default.



4. Volnus's slam effect color dosen't follow the customizing, it shows the default only.



5. Melee weapons with deluxe skin show the default elemental effect color, even recent update make it follow the customized energy color.



6. Dex pixia's fire flame shows the default color, regardless of customizing. Similar to above weapons.(number 2)



7. Khora's Strangle dome shows clear chains, instead of actual glossy metal chains.



8. Targis prime's channeling flames show the mixed color, with custom and default. Similar to number 3




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