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Rattleguts gives wrong damage numbers in arsenal with elemental mods


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There is a problem with elemental mods. Any other chamber with any other grip, that I built or asked friends, gives correct numbers (so a 90% mod would be exactly 90% of the base damage of the gun, including the base radiation). But with Rattleguts, there are discrepancies with both grips I built, and probably with all 4 of them. The elemental mods give less damage than they should. It is very inconvenient on a great candidate for a status based gun, to have lower elemental numbers, as they would affect the proc chance of the element I am trying to build towards.

EDIT: It might be the case that haymaker would actually give correct numbers, I do not have one built. But lovetap has lower numbers, and gibber even more so. I suspect it is the variable amount of impact that does it, and with haymaker having the highest amount, it could actually be the only one with correct numbers. But this is guess work.

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