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Conservation not giving proper standing


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I noticed some inconsistencies when gaining standing while doing conservation, as I was checking how much standing I needed while on the Vallis, then going back to Fortuna and finding I had far less than what it said before, so I decided to do a test.

I have just gone up to the doer rank, and since then have caught 3 delicate pobbers, all perfect, using Ivara's sleep arrow. Bear in mind that since I had just ranked up, and this being the first thing I did, I should have gone from 0 to 1800 standing.


This screenshot shows that I did get 3 pobbers, complete with tags.



This is the screenshot showing the standing I got out on the plains. It shows that I should have received 1800 standing, but shows my total standing as 3600 for some reason.



This screenshot was taken immediately on returning to Fortuna. Once again it shows that I should have received 1800, but now shows my total as 1200.


This screenshot was taken at Eudico, and confirms that I did only receive 1200 standing instead of 1800.


So at least 2 bugs here.

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I've had similar issues on PS4, no screenshots unfortunately because it's a bit awkward.

I'm currently at Old Mate rank.

In Fortuna I had 1,905 standing, and 22,075 left of the daily limit (checked at Ticker).


1 perfect capture of a White-Breasted Virmink gives me 600 standing.

Mission Progress says I gained 600 standing. It also gives me a total of 3,105. It added double what I actually got.


In Fortuna again, Last Mission Results says I gained 600 standing, putting me at a total of 2,505. This is reflected in all of the shops.

I have 21,475 daily standing left according to Ticker.


It seems that the only problem for me was my total standing shown by Mission Progress, where it added double the amount I actually gained. This is annoying as It's harder to know when I've got enough for what I want. I did also have a double credit booster active at the time, so perhaps that is part of the cause?

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