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Conservations don't show on map if you equip a echo-lure from the gear-menu directly.


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I equipped a Kubrodon Echo-Lure directly from my gear menu and it did not show any conservation sites on the map.
On first equip, it actually showed only the K-Drive symbol '2' menu in lower right.

But Once I realized the map didn't work, I swapped back to weapons and tried equipping it again. Still nothing on map, but this time echo-lure and hunting gear showed in the HUD.

After selecting the tranq gun in the sub-gear menu the icons on map showed up.

Please make it so you if you select the echo-lure you want to hunt from your primary gear wheel it will show the corresponding locations.


Edit: It appears possibly no kubrodon locations had spawned when I went loaded into the orb vallis. I'll keep checking. Other lures I know filter out the sites properly.

THe bug where the hunting gear doesn't show in the HUD still occurss though. First use (including first use after a death) shows the K-Drive and not the hunting gear.

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