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Warframe Augment Brainstorming

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Hi, guys!

We all like augments. They're fun and add variety to our gameplay. Well, most do. My goal today is to provide concepts and ideas for new Warframe augments or reworks for older ones (looking at you, Swing Line).

Let's begin :]


 1. Rising Storm: Each enemy marked for assassination provides Ash with bonus critical damage on his melee attacks for a set duration after Blade Storm ends.


1. Savage Silence: Finisher promtp is already incorporated into the base ability. Savage Silence turns Finisher melee attacks into Lethal Damage.


1. Afterburn: Chroma gains X amount of elemental damage to all attacks based on the amount of damage inflicted with Spectral Scream

2. Vexing Retaliation: Chroma gains status immunity, including knockdown and stagger.


1. Fireball Frenzy: Flash Accelerant made this mod obsolete. So, Fireball now reduces the armor of all within the ability's AoE

2. Fire Fright: Replace with with the Conclave one. Making Fire Blast a haven for cleansing status effects is a million times more useful than scaring enemies with Fire procs. Which, by the way, all her other abilities do that already.


1. Surging Dash: Enemies struck by Slash Dash drop their weapons. 


1. Freeze Force: Bonus Cold damage now applies to anyone that comes into contact with the icy patch left by Freeze.

2. Chilling Globe: Enemies take constant Cold damage when inside the blizzard. Allies within the globe gain X% to freeze enemies with their attacks.


1. Sundering Lash: Stabbing enemies reduces their armor, slashing enemies forces bleed procs.

2. Reflection: Spectorage occasionally flashes, blinding nearby enemies.

3. Lustrous Vitrify: Shooting through the glass walls grants equal parts Slash and Puncture damage.


1. Sentence: Chained enemies are more susceptible to damage. 


1. Mummification: Enemies that are blinded by Desiccation and then finished are revived as a sand shadow.

2. Consume: Devouring now restores energy to you and nearby allies.


1. Subjugate: Ensnared enemies have their defenses reduced.

2. Stranglecage: Dome is twice as big, but you can only cast one


1. Spectacle: Recasting causes Prism to hover in place, dealing increasing amounts of damage per second. Damage can be amplified by shooting the orb (up to a cap). Loses the ability to blind enemies.


1. Sacred Spears: Killing an impaled enemy will cause a small burst of light that restores some energy. 


1.  Pestilence: Virulence is now cone shaped, but half as long.

2. Mutualism: Linking with allies grants any active buff to you (linking to a Mesa with Shatter Shield also grants Nidus Shatter Shield). In return, Nidus grants the passive health restore and some armor to linked Warframes.


1. Fallout: Molecular Prime coats allies, granting them bonus Radiation damage.


1. Amplify: Killing enemies inside the field increases the field's range.


1. Enrapture: Killed enemies spawn Vombalyst units that fight and protect Revenant

2. Harvest: Reaving through enemies grants a damage buff to Revenant and any active Thralls.

3. Marche Macabre: March of death. Revenant can now aim the lasers, which will focus until converging on a singular, powerful beam. Movement speed is reduced to a walking pace and maneuvers are disabled.


1. Pollution: Miasma is now a constant cloud of disease that shrouds Saryn (channeled ability). Enemies are no longer stunned, range is reduced. Damage per second is increased and enemies targeting Saryn have their accuracy reduced.


1. Enchant: Allies affected by Spellbind are granted a random elemental damage buff (bonus Cold, Heat, Gas, etc)

2. Offering: Souls restore health and energy to Titania


1. Swing - line: Valkyr no longer yanks enemies towards her. She now pulls herself to the enemy and executes a Finisher.


1. Remove Tesla: Tesla is removed from the game and replaced with something more dignifying. 

2. Minelayer: Trip-laser now detonates when triggered; Shred forces bleed procs.


1. Shock Trooper: Shocking and enemy turns it into a Tesla coil that short-circuits every time it takes damage; shocking nearby enemies. Damage scales with enemy health.



There, I missed a few frames/abilities. Couldn't come up with anything for them. Feel free to contribute, I'll add your ideas to the post 😄




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Atlas: Rumbled - Make it usable in PvE

Ember: Purifying Flames - Make it usable in PvE

Equinox: Push & Pull - Make it usable in PvE

Excalibur: Purging Dash - Make it usable in PvE

Mirage: Prism Guard - Make it usable in PvE

Nova: Antimatter Mine - Make it usable in PvE

Nyx: Singularity - Make it usable in PvE

Volt: Kinetic Collision and Recharge Barrier - Make them usable in PvE

All future Conclave mods that would be usable in PvE - Make them usable in PvE


In case you couldn't tell, I am tired of seeing perfectly fine augments that would be able to do something in PvE, remain exclusive to Conclave where they get little if any use at all. Worst part is, the problem isn't even exclusive to just warframe augments.

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Uff that ash augment is spicy, so you're going to force me to use 3 augment mods on my ash, what kind of evil person are you. But in all seriousness you have some good ideas there, though the one with chroma could use some work, having another status immunity ability is really boring.

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I'm not good with names


Trinity 4 augment: Aliies affected by blessing are immune to status effects

Frost 3 augment: Turns Frost into an Arctic Eximus basically (Mobile Snowglobe). The ability gains a 400% strength bonus and cannot be recast while active, enemies within an aoe both within and outside of the globe are slowed down while speeding up nearby allies.

Would honestly prefer if this one is just done to the ability: Revenant 2 augment: Mesmer Skin now only protects against damage dealt to health, when a mesmer skin charge is used it unleashes an aoe auto enthralling, knocking down and damaging enemies within a 20m range.




Garuda 1 augment (might not be valid post any Garuda changes): Removes shield, instead of pouncing on an enemy Garuda impales it with her left claw, she keeps the enemy held as long as the duration lasts. 90% of damage taken to Garuda is transferred to the enemy. While holding an enemy you can only use your secondary, racasting throws the enemy, knocking down enemies it hits and causing that enemy finisher damage.

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mag- movement and melee speed when collecting and using her native ferret booty traps and battle musical abilities.

oberon- ki-blast can be charged up, and forest ability enhances bullets with organic tree bullS#&$, or magic. and it hurts really badly. (oh look grass, no its a fauntain of gloating, so it hurts even more because now my braton shoots pellets and peas, and also bullets that save lives and also heal through friendly fire, because etammastes get cravings, and my roomates are not cool...!)  so why not make oberon awesome?

_sonar no longer sucks_it marks enemies within range and coats them in lightning...damage...allows banshee to use teleportation and tricky machines / traps also.

octavia dvd and laser armor, enemies get hurt and electrocuted if they get too close they can get knockback, and other status effects, maybe original or new status effects might be more reasonable, but since they arent in the game yet, letdssay we keep it simple, her melee range and skill is improved, her jump is enhanced, i think its importatnt to keep octavia on the ground, since she has a disco ball and bad music, give her more robotic enhancements for her melee attacks like sonic the hedgehog, spinning, and mroe unique weapons, and also more small pets, theres no special rank/up rewards, or gifts i looked everywhre, and asked my mom if octavia is going to get a patch, they all said no.

free friday ointments and if login with a friend, you both get  bratons potato chips, other mods for  weapons, unless you have rank automatically you get 1 free discount towards oberon and mag and free mod)s. free pizza? no! free #*!%ing rewards, #*!%yeah!

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