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Warframe Augment Review (Personal Conclusions)


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Link to original google doc (comments only) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DLQfoSM9XXFeRagPTtf2GITLrkM76oxo_HZ9aU3mvlU/edit?usp=sharing

  • Hence a color coded and short form labeling legend for easier reading and to cut down on the page count.

  • The name of the augment will be given a label (if color blind) and colored according to its category on  the legend.

  • This is an opinion piece, made from time, effort, and testing, with analysis of the powers that these augments came from and the eventual direction of the game.





  • (QoL) Quality of Life is going to be for augments that don't change the ability but add functionality to the ability that should be a part of the base ability. We should not waste a mod slot for something like this that adds functionality that should be inherent. Represented also by the text being Purple.

  • (RM) Remove Mod is going to be for those augments that need removing for, the base ability is not worth using at all so therefore the augment is not at all worth slotting in, or the augment is a nerf over the base ability, or the augment was made for a earlier version of warframe, that we cannot say is applicable now. It can also be the case that the augment is a detriment to your game or your teammates playtime, making it therefore a candidate for removal.Represented also by the text being Red.

  • (Au) Augmentative is for those augments that fit the bill as augmentative, they do the job and change the power in such a creative way that makes it a different play style, vs a strait up buff of the power. Represented also by the text being Green.

  • (NAuB) Non-Augmentative Buff is for the augments that are just a buff. That is not augmentative. That does not change the way you use the ability in any way shape or form, it just makes it better without any change to how you use it. This is a case whether for change of the augment or removal to be more augmentative vs. being additive. Represented also by the text being Blue. (there is also a  small case for just rolling it into the base ability itself)

  • (NB) Need Buff is for those augments that need a little buff/change, they work, they are augmentative, but they could work better. Represented also by the text being Orange.

  • (Au B) Augmentative Buff it is a strait up buff over the base ability. It is also augmentative. Now if you are not using said augment, you are using a gimped frame/ability. There is the option of rolling the augment into the ability itself or changing the augment. Represented also by the text being Pink.




    • (NAuB) Seeking Shuriken

      • My question is why this has to start at 70%, why can't it just remove armor completely to start with? It feels weird that I have to go out of my way to get it to work like it “should”.

    • (QoL) Smoke Shadow

      • there also needs just  a little tweak to make it better, like increasing the range by a good amount, or having it leave a cloud behind that will keep turning people invisible and will keep stunning enemies while it lasts

    • (NAuB) Fatal Teleport

    • (QoL) Rising storm





  • (NB) Path Of Statues

  • (Au) Tectonic Fracture

  • (NAuB) Ore Gaze

  • (NB) Titanic Rumbler

    • Rumblers need to not have a duration, it makes using them limiting, like the old use case for frosts snow globe, except in this case they are not invulnerable. Make up your mind, either they have a duration, or health. NOT BOTH.





  • (RM) Sonic Fracture

    • This is the use case in the same form of seeking shuriken, why do you have to go out of your way to make it do what it is supposed to to at base? Also it is a terrible ability to have an armor strip attached to. Yes this enemy, in front of me I want you to have no armor, now get as far away from me as possible when I cast said ability……….See the problem?

  • (NAuB) Resonance

  • (NAuB) Savage Silence

  • (Au B) Resonating Quake





  • (RM) Afterburn

  • (QoL) Everlasting Ward

  • (RM) Vexing Retaliation

    • When you have this augment active, it actively impedes the function of vex armor, making it harder to stack scorn and fury (functions of the base ability that allow chroma to be tanky and allow him to dish out more damage)

  • (QoL) Guided Effigy




  • (QoL) Fireball Frenzy

    • It makes the ability not purely damage focused and adds a support function to a pure DPS frame.

  • (NAuB) Flash Accelerant

  • (QoL) Fire Fright

  • (NAuB) Firequake


  • (NB) Duality
  • (NAuB) Calm & Frenzy

  • (NAuB) Peaceful Provocation

  • (QoL) Energy Transfer




  • (NAuB) Surging Dash

  • (NAuB) Radiant Finish

  • (Au) Furious Javelin

  • (Au B) Chromatic Blade




  • (QoL) Freeze Force

  • (QoL) Ice Wave Impedance

    • People use ice wave exclusively for this mods effect, there is no other use case for ice wave. The base ability does not do anything worth a damn without this mod.

  • (QoL) Chilling Globe

    • There is a argument that, it should be cold enough in the snow globe so why does it take a additional mod slot to make it do something that it should seem to like it should do inherently?


  • (NB) Icy Avalanche

    • It needs some help to be more than a  token support thingymabob that you might play with sometimes. The additive armor needs to scale with power strength(it has to be able to contend with other frames now), the condition of stacking additional armor needs to change, a thematic weakness to fire would not be out of order like if you got ignited the ice armor would reduce faster (but that would obviously “suck”) and putting the armor stacking cap at your frost frame ehp times three would probably balance it. That or giving it a similar decay to atlas’s rumble.




  • (NAuB) Mending Splinters

    • As weak as it possibly could be as well.




  • (Au) Lasting covenant

  • (QoL) Warding Thurible

    • Part of the ability should have already been a part of the ability in the first place, when channeling thurible you are vulnerable, so it should make you less vulnerable by giving you some damage reduction, like this augment does now. The other problem with the augment is that it is not changing what you use thurible for because it only lasts as long as harrow is channeling the thurible, because of its wording, and all it does now is make you slightly tanky at a HUGE energy cost. There is also harrows four, that can outright make you invulnerable for less energy cost.




  • (QoL) Corroding Barrage

  • (QoL) Tidal Impunity

  • (NAuB) Curative Undertow

  • (QoL) Pilfering Swarm

    • I debated this one with myself for a while, I ended up at the answer I did because I don't play hydroid without it. Not having on my hydroid is non negotiable, because of the use case scenarios that many people, myself included, use him in. Why is it that nekros is the only frame in the game with an innate loot manipulation mechanic? Or is it because they underestimate us time and time again with the ability to break the mechanics that they give us?




  • (QoL) Elemental Sandstorm

  • (NAuB) Negation Swarm

    • This is the use case where a buff that is not a use case of it being purely an update of the abilities functionality, but an actual buff of the ability in that it adds to the ability, but I say it should be rolled into the base ability. Here is why I say that, it is because it can get you killed. It absorbing your scarab armor as part of the augment, reduces your survivability, making you pay attention, forcing you to cast abilities, and participate. The base frame is just flat out immortal, but is affected by status’. Most people don't play inaros without this augment anyway. It has become an essential/ necessary mod. That is bad. It reduces player freedom and choice if it has to be apart of Inaros’s kit for him to be “complete”




  • (RM) Piercing Navigator

    • This was a insulting choice of an augment, there were better choices of augments made by the community, and DE makes this one. Ignoring our feedback. Real classy.

  • (QoL) Infiltrate

    • This is a real silly augment and real easy argument that it only has one use case, in spy, and you will have it equipped on Ivara if you play her in spy. Another Necessary mod situation.

  • (NB) Concentrated Arrow

  • (Au B) Empowered Quiver

    • Because of how this ability works, both abilities are buffed,but they are also changed in the way you would use them. But without the mod, you have barely a use case for the powers originally. The use case for cloak arrow is giving your team invisibility, albeit very in a very clunky manner(in comparison to an Octavia), and the case for dashwire was as a alternative to the movement system, if you ever got bored of that……….

    • The second problem I have with this augment is that there is no augments for noise arrow and sleep arrow….. What's up with that? Is there going to be another mod with augments for them facilitating two mod slots for a fully modified ability, which would be the first case of its kind.




  • (QoL) Accumulating Whipclaw

    • Khora requires this mod to START to become viable.




  • (NAuB) Haven

  • (QoL) Rift Torrent

    • Gives ability purpose that ability does not have at current.

  • (Au) Cataclysmic Continuum




  • (RM) Savior Decoy

    • By the time you remember to cast this your dead, or the enemies are going to deal so much damage to your so quickly that your not going to have any time to worry about pressing a button to try this out. Also when the decoy is out it will be destroyed before it can save your life.

  • (QoL) Hushed Invisibility

    • I remember they removed it when Ash and Loki where the only use cases for invisibility in the game and invisibility was so unique to them, and Loki having his weapons silenced was too powerful. Now we have Ivara, and Octavia, and arcanes that make us go invisible, and Loki having invisibility is not unique enough anymore.

  • (QoL) Safeguard Switch and then (NB)

    • The base ability is the most disruptive waste of energy I have run across, cost too much as a movement ability, and disrupts your team, potentially ruining their gameplay experience. This augment now is giving you a reason to start using that waste of energy more…..

  • (NAuB) Irradiating Disarm

    • More of that necessary mod talk. It makes Loki a better Nyx, so much so that it made DE change Nyx so that all of her abilities would now do what he does with this ability. That should tell you that Nyx needs A LOT of TLC or this augment is doing too much to buff up the ability.




  • (QoL) Greedy Pull

    • Mag needs all the help she can get still, this doesn't give her anything she can really use, but the ability was NERFED so many times that adding it won't hurt anything.

  • (QoL) Magnetized Discharge OR (Au)

    • If they changed magnetize to make it better than it is quality of life, if not, than it is augment.


  • (NAuB) Counter Pulse


  • (QoL) Fracturing Crush

    • Base avalanche does what this augment and base ability does, without wasting a mod slot for the augment mod slot. It also requires a buff so it can reach 100 % armor stripping in a reasonable target range for a reasonable mod setup.





  • (NAuB) Ballistic Bullseye

    • Base ability needs to have no cap.

  • (NAuB) Muzzle Flash

    • Does Not work without a group, so a waste of a mod slot on solo players.

  • (QoL) Staggering Shield

  • (QoL) Mesa’s Waltz

    • Originally had it as (Au) but after having gotten my hands on it, it's the way mesa is to be played. Not having it is not playing mesa anymore.




  • (NB) Hall Of Malevolence

    • Make it more skill based and a form of upkeep like harrow augment or the cataclysm augment and this could be a good augment with some work, otherwise it is a (NAuB).

  • (QoL) Explosive Ledgemain

  • (QoL) Total Eclipse

    • Its an aura that has the smallest range as possible FOR NO REASON.




  • (QoL) Soul Survivor

    • The energy cost makes this augment useless, there is vazarin anyway if you want a revive on demand.

  • (QoL) Creeping Terrify

    • You don't use terrify because enemies run away from you, now with this augment the enemies don't shoot at you and they don't run and make the game a chore by making it far away from you as you made them rally slow. The base ability NEEDS this functionality improvement. Otherwize the ability has very few use cases without it.

  • (Au) Despoil

  • (QoL) Shield of Shadows

    • Make up your mind, have a duration, or an HP pool, not both as with the case with the HP pool with a Decay. It is  pseudo duration, and it weakens the ability.


  • (Au) Pyroclastic Flow

  • (RM) Reaping Chakram

    • Changes to the base ability require a retread

  • (QoL) Safeguard

    • Super clunky


  • (QoL) Neutron Star   

  • (NB) Antimatter Absorb

  • (NAuB) Escape Velocity


  • (QoL) Mind Freak

  • (RM) Pacifying Bolts

    • So it makes the abilities status chance 100%.......from 50%

  • (NAuB) Chaos Sphere

  • (QoL) Assimilate

    • Makes the ability a dynamic fluid, albeit slow part of combat, vs a static low damage  separate thing from it.


  • (QoL) Smite Infusion

  • (RM) Hallowed Eruption

  • (NAuB) Phoenix Revival

  • (RM) Hallowed Reckoning


  • (NAuB) Partitioned Mallet

    • Now you have two smaller mallets, that does not change the game play enough, this does not augment the way you use THE ABILITY ITSELF, now you just have more of it. The addition of another mallet can increase its damage output, this is why it is categorized as is.

  • (QoL) Conductor





  • (QoL) Rhino Charge

    • Necessary mod for most Rhino builds, leads to more synergy of his kit.

  • (QoL) Iron Shrapnel

    • Allows for refresh of iron skin. Normally called a Necessary Mod. He can be played without it, but why would you…...

  • (RM) Piercing Roar

    • Until the puncture proc changes, it will be the case that this mod is useless

  • (RM) Reinforcing Stomp

    • No use case if you can refresh the iron shin all you want.(no use case if people do that anyway because they have that NECESSARY MOD installed) UNLESS it changes to replenishing  a percentage of the Iron Skins HP on cast.


  • (QoL) Venom Dose

  • (QoL) Regenerative Molt

  • (NAuB) Contagion Cloud

    • You put it on and it does so little damage, does not synergize with the rest of her kit and wastes the mod slot you put it on. It also does not augment you ability, it just adds to it. (If you can call it additive)


  • (NAuB) Beguiling lantern

  • (Au) Razorwing Blitz


  • (QoL) Pool of Life

  • (NAuB) Vampire Leech

  • (NAuB) Abating Link


  • (QoL) Swing Line

  • (Au) Eternal War

  • (NAuB) Prolonged Paralysis

  • (QoL) Hysterical Assault


  • (NAuB) Tesla Link

  • (QoL) Repelling Bastille

  • (NB) Perpetual Vortex

    • Because it only makes the  duration longer, while not combining the vortexes in any other manner, it needs a buff to make it better.


  • (QoL) Shock Trooper

  • (QoL) Shocking Speed

  • (QoL) Transistor Shield

  • (NAuB) Capacitance


  • (NB) Iron Vault

  • (NAuB) Primal Rage

  • (RM) Enveloping Cloud

    • Because the base ability is useless and needs to be changed before it has its own augment mod.


  • (QoL) Divebomb Vortex

  • (QoL) Jetstream Vortex

  • (Au) Funnel clouds


Let me know if there are simple mistakes or problems with this as it takes a long time to filter through this post with the amount of content in it.

I repeat again for clarity, this is my opinion, but it is an educated one, with some quips to lighten the reading a bit.

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Reformating.....and done.
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