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Solaris United Standing not increasing properly


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Waited for the daily limit reset to come so I could finally hit 99,000 standing and get the final rank. Went out into the Orb Valis and conserved until I had +16,000 standing, the Mission Progress screen showed I was nearly maxed out and I figured I'd just donate gems for the remaining hundred or so. I went back. It was now at 81,285. What? But the daily limit still went down. Totally confused I decided to check if I had miscalculated (although I was above 72,000 standing so at MR 26 my limit should be 27,000 and be enough to reach the rank.)

Decided to troubleshoot. Went outside again and captured one Pobber (+400 standing) which brought my standing up to 81,685. Went inside, it dropped back to 81,285.

Restarted game, went out again, captured a Virmink (+800 standing), looked at standing in mission progress. It now said 82,885. Wait, what? Suddenly I have 800 more than before, not 400. And then +800 for the other one. I go back to Fortuna and speak with Eudico. Now I have 82,085. What? Went back to orbited, then back to Eudico. No change.

I am under the effects of a Resource Boost, is it possible this is messing with things?

TL;DR: Went out into Valis and conserved, the standing didn't seem to come in properly.

Edit 1: Donated 2 gems for +100 standing, then went out again, captured bolarola (+750). Mission Progress now shows me at 83,686. So that would be 82,085 + 100 (for gem) + 750 (capture) + 750 (boost.) Meaning that the screen is showing the standing properly. Went inside. I'm now at 82,935. So, I am therefore not getting the bonus from the boost!

Edit 2: Donated gems until I had only 775 Daily Limit left. Captured 3 Pobbers (+300x3) which meant I had maxed out standing. Went back, and yepp, Im now at 92,810. WHAT?!

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