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Fishing broken


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So I'm kinda upset right now and the problem is: I can't fish! It doesn't matter if I'm in big lakes or caves, if it is warm or cold; nothing matters because fishes won't spawn. On top of that I can't find any hotspot in caves and I have looked in pretty much all of them. And there's more: when I've finally found one cave hotspot, the fishes didn't spawned. I've spent 2 baits trying to get Synathids because I need the materials for my Gaze components and I can't get them because while Im using my baits in cave hotspots, fishes just won't appear. Seriously, not even one! I mean, at least make the baits something we can keep crafting and not spending rep everytime we want one. And please fix the fishing or change the materials for something that we can actually get in the game. 

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