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Garuda the Game Crasher


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(wasn't sure where to put this thread/topic/post)

Since yesterday (24th) when I switched to Garuda to make changes in the mods, when it was loading the mod loadout it would lock up and then lock. This not being the only instance this Garuda instanced crash happened, whenever attempting to change from Garuda be it to Hydroid Prime, Khora, Valkyr Prime, it would similarly lock up on loading the new warframe and then crash.

So currently I'm stuck as Garuda only.

Edit: Not only seems to occur in previous reasons but also when I try to mod my Silva & Aegis Prime, so not sure if it's the mod window by itself.


Double edit: Found the issue, the game seems to have broken some files when I equipped Garuda that day, it was fixed with verifying download files.

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