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How many health orbs can be present on screen?


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Curious to know the limit of health orbs that can be spawned in a mission.

Been using augments like Pool of Life and Reaping Chakram,
and it's got me wondering about the limitations of orbs spawned.

Is there a maximum threshold, and is there a time limit?

It seems that very dense groups of orbs tend to be gone when I return to them.
Figuring I almost certainly didn't use them all, it would be great to know what else causes them to disappear.

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11 hours ago, ThumpumGood said:

All of them.

Seriously tho... there is a despawn timer on loot. I've gone back for things I knew were there without all of that and had them be gone. Despawns help limit lag. Ever notice how few mobs there are when you move away from the party in a survival?

Really? Because I always notice the lone player gets the most spawns around them in survival, completely screws up the life support gains.

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