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Case capture in caves is significantly more difficult


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This may not be a bug per se, but it doesn't seem intended. There was a tier 5 bounty in Orb Vallis today that had a strong chance of spawning a case capture mission inside a cave complex. I ran it with six different groups and failed four of them.

I'm not opposed to the difficulty, it's actually pretty fun. It'd be a lot more fun if I were with a group that was expecting that level of difficulty, though, and came prepared for it. The fact that the other missions are so relatively easy turns the cave case capture mission into an absolute slaughterhouse.

So, here's the problem: hordes of enemies constantly spawn directly on top of cases. In surface case capture missions, the enemy spawns are spread out. If they want a case, they have to run up to one and stand on it. If you spot a case being captured, clearing it is usually a matter of killing one, maybe two enemies.

Clearing a case that's being captured underground requires killing upwards of ten enemies at a time, with more spawning in constantly. It's really fun. But again, groups that aren't prepared for it get wiped out almost instantly. On one particular run, the bad guys managed to capture three cases (each bad guy capture is worth 33.3%, rounded up to a total of 100% on the third one) before three of the team members even managed to get into the cave.

I feel like this maybe isn't intended behavior. I think the simplest fix is to reduce the number of enemies per spawn. Outside, where there's a lot of terrain to cover, five enemies spawning in isn't a problem. In a cave, where the limited pathing options means their fire is concentrated and their AOE buffs/debuffs cover the entire battlefield, five enemies spawning in is an army.

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It doesn't have to be a tier 5 bounty. Do a tier 2/3 bounty with your run of the mill random group, get the case capture in a cave, and you have an 80% chance of failing the bounty. Too many enemies are spawning too fast literally on top of the cases. In terms of a difficulty curve of the tier 2/3 bounties those capture missions are an unnecessary spike.

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12 hours ago, MiMiren said:

Your alert level might have been high. Be careful with alert levels in bounty level 5 as they can become very difficult without top gear. This isn't a bug, obviously.

We were definitely at 0 alert level each time, at least to start. The first time I failed the bounty, I ran into the mission area alone (like I do pretty much every bounty) at 0 alert level. The Corpus captured two cases in the first thirty seconds, while I tried to prevent a third one from being capped. I waited for the rest of the team on successive bounties, with basically the same result. There were so many enemies spawning in that we couldn't kill them fast enough to prevent cases from being capped.

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