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Enemy concept


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What you're about to read now is a concept of your creation of how you wanted to create an enemy for Warframe. I will give some guideline for you guys so you know what you needed to fill in. And i will also give my own concept of enemy for Warframe. Please note that this is just a concept, judging other's concept are not necessary.

Enemy Name :
Amour/Shield :
Health :
Damage :
Skills (optional) :
Elemental Resistance (optional):

Types (Drone/Unit/Mechanic/Ships etc.)
Weapon (Optional) :
Spawn rate
Spawn location :
Spawn level (means when will the enemy spawns after certain amount of enemies level reached)
Open world Approval (Yes/No)
Description :
Lore (optional) : 
Image (optional)
You can also create a bosses concept instead of normal enemies.

Here's mine

Enemy Name : Ranchers
Faction : Infested
Amour/Shield : none
Health : 2000 health at level 1, 1.5x scale up each level.
Damage : 30 damage at level 1, 0.7x scale up each level.
Skills (optional) : Leech - slowly drains your health overtime (Damage scales on level)
Elemental Resistance (optional): Cold++, Thunder+, Radiation+

Types : An Infested Kubrow, ground unit.
Movement : 2x times faster than normal charger
Weapon (Optional) : none
Spawn rate : 17% chance (+0.5 spawn rate each level difficulty)
Spawn location : Infested mission
Spawn level : level 25 above
Open world Approval (Yes/No) : yes
Description : Charge at the enemies and shoot out its infested tentacle, slowly draining life from its host.
Lore (optional) : none


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I understand fun of this,but there were millions of suggestions like this before and as far as i can tell,none was used.

I suggest Nezha colored pink with heart aura(only cosmetic) with whip healing you for 10hp on hit that randomly appears when you afk while doing bounty,each minute damage would go up by 100 true damage,hitting you for 1000hp after 10minutes and after you die there would be pink OwO spam in group chat

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