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Nova Asuri Collection ARMS go back in too fast.


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I knew they only appeared when I casted an ability but I didn't except them to go back so fast. They literally just appear for 1 SECOND. That's not why I bought the skin. This is false advertising. What's the point of having those arms if you can't even see them 99.9% of the time?


They should stay up for at least 5-10 seconds after casting an ability. This isn't a big problem to solve. Simply increasing their time will make the deluxe collection 10 times more worth it. I'm regretting wasting my plat on it... Should've bought something else instead... ;-;


Also can we please add those arms to Nova without sticking to her deluxe skin? I really want them on the prime skin instead. Can we please make the arms a separate item that is given to all players who own the Asuri skin and which can be equipped separately in the Auxilary slot such as Nekros Mortos Binds and Valkyrs Bonds. It will allow us to colour those arms SEPARATELY ! Because currently regardless of the base energy colour , the arms look extra dark. This allow us to set a light shade for the arms to make it match the skin.


This really is a much needed change. More people have nova now due to the unvaulting than ever before. More people are going to buy the skin like me and end up disappointed.

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