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About her passive & Dread Mirror


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So far I've been absolutely loving Garuda.

However I've observed two problematic things

One is her first power. It kills any enemy with 35% health or lower. Problem is, at this health it it generally faster to killing it using something else, without speaking of the damage dealt by the other teammates. This is the reason gameplay-wise, the other thing is that we're supposed to rip & tear/take their life force, so using this power and seeing no damage is a bit weird. What is propose is to have the ability a big amount of damage done in slash/finisher damage AFTER checking the target has 35% health remaining, which would mean that a target at 36% health would only get damage dealt, and would not die at the end of the casting if the target's health is below 35%. This is to avoid making it too strong.

Two is her passive. Garuda has a too low EHP for this to be viable, and at the same time, with all the means we have to regenerate health as well as Garuda's Blood Altar, her health regenerate too fast to really take advantage of it. With Garuda's theme, it would be also more logical if any bleeding enemy within affinity range would heal her (Remember the Bathory helmet). to Synergize even more, we could have Dread Mirror inflicting a Slash proc along with the damage.

Another thing, which isn't really a problem, is about Bloodletting, I believe it would be better if it drained her health continuously instead of instantly. 50% health is a lot. But as I am concerned about the power becoming too easy to use, the other idea is a very short cast and a lower amount of sacrificed health.


EDIT : and if something could be done about her Talons not usable in melee only sorties, that'd be great.

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