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Since The Last Fix, Whenever Warframe Is Running, All Other Programs And Devices Share The Same Connection Slowly Lose Bandwidth And Stop Working.


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It's a really odd bug. Starting the game makes the forums, the wikis, Google, my tablet, and all other internet applications slow down steadily, until they all just stop loading altogether. Steam changes my status to offline about 3-4 minutes in.


Warframe runs fine, though. (For me, at least; see below)


Closing warframe causes the bandwith to sort of rubber band back to full strength over the course of 2-3 minutes.


Warframe and Steam were the most bandwidth-heavy applications I was running on any device. Programs affected were browsers on both PC and tablet, Steam on the PC, and a small, simple online tablet game I've been playing for months.


It might be my ISP throttling or even my connection doing something really weird, but if many people are experiencing this I think it's important to find out sooner rather than later.




Possibly related is the fact that another player was repeatedly disconnected while playing a defense mission together. He was the host before the fist disconnect, after which I was the host. After the third time he disconnected, which was during wave 5 of that same mission, I died three times (and burned two revives) before he could connect again, gave up and failed the mission, and we stopped playing. This was the only mission I've played co-op since the latest fix.

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