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An idea for a weapon


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I really don't know what topic to put this under, but I have an idea for a weapon.

Riot games created a character named Jhin, Jhin has a gun called the "Whisper". I had an idea to put it into warframe

What the gun does in League: 4 shots, 4th shot is 100% crit, attack speed cannot be gained (Gained only through levels) but any attack speed increases damage, easily can get to 100% crit, Crit also gives bonus damage, the 4th shot does missing health damage.

What it could do in warframe: 4 shots, 4th shot is 100% crit and has a 100% element proc, Fire rate is slow at early levels but gained through the levels (Now I'm not saying it'd go from 0.1 fire rate to 500.0 just a decent amount like 1.5 to 4.5) but anyway the crit and fire rate just give bonus damage. No missing health damage because that would be OP in warframe

Problems it would have: DE would have to rename the gun to something like "Screech" so its not a direct copy and just a reference.

I know DE might not make the gun but honestly I'd love the gun as Jhin is my favorite character and honestly it'd be an awesome and cool design in the game, and I'd love to see the crazy and awesome builds everyone would make for it.

Again I'm sorry about not knowing what topic to put this under so I guess its off topic.

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